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We are pursuing the tastes that come out of the sea since 1950

Aquaculture of Frogs

The investments of our Corporate Group which aims for being the leading sea bream and sea bass producer of Turkey and Europe increasingly continue on this field.

Currently we have two Sea Bream and Sea Bass Aquaculture Systems in Izmir, Karaburun Gulf. These systems are named as “Kemal Balıkçılık 1” and “Kemal Balıkçılık 2”.

The fries collected from hatchery are initially encaged at Kemal Balıkçılık 1 facility. Following that step, the proper sizes of fish feeds are determined according to the weight of fish and the feeding process starts. Our Professional staff follows the condition of our cages on daily basis and our engineer diver staff continuously follows the health and general condition of the fish also under water on daily basis. The sea basses get vaccinated against diseases and graded and the sea breams only get graded after they reach a certain weight and the fish being held in one cage get separated into 2 or 3 cages according to theirsizes. The cages those arranged by the end of this stage are transferred to Kemal Balıkçılık 2 System.

The feeding at Kemal Balıkçılık 2 System is performed automatically by means of barge (silo) system. Akvasmart's system is in use at this facility. There are cameras which operate with solar energy on various parts of the cages and they can be followed through internet. We grow our fish with extreme care in their natural habitat under full surveillance.

As a first time practice in Turkey, the harvested fish are being packed on the sea by means of TuncaySagun 1 boat which has an EU exports registry number. Packing process on the sea right after the harvest provides freshness and long lasting of the products. The packed fish are being exported to the near by countries and in particular to the EU countries.

The Global Gap we have obtained is only one of the proofs of the naturalness of our products.


All our Plants are EU Approved and under inspection of “Turkish Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry”

Activities In Aquaculture

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