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Aquaculture of Bluefin Tuna

Our Bluefin Tuna farm is located at İzmir, Karaburun Gulf and increases its importance among the Bluefin tuna farms throughout the Mediterranean countries.

In the midst of May, the boats being gathered from various ports of Mediterranean complete their preparations and set sail for fishing. Service boats which carry the divers keep company with the fishing boats. The boats furnished with high technology devices spot the blue fish tuna schools by means of sonars. After spotting, the school gets surrounded by casting a net and the crew starts to wait for the transfer boat and the net haulers which can proceed with a maximum speed of 3 mph. The transfer work starts as the net haulers arrive. CaughtBluefin tuna fish are transferred to the transfer pools after an intense work of 3 hours. The Bluefin tuna fish which reach a certain quantity in the transfer pool get transferred to the lashing point at Izmir. This process which continues until the midst of June gets constantly reported to the Government and the fishing is performed within the quota of Turkey by that way.

The caught fish gets transferred to the pools in our farms located at Karaburun Gulf for feeding. The bluefish tuna which remain in feeding pools for 4-5 months get fed with fatty fish feeds such as squids, sardines, herrings and mackerels. The divers follow the condition of the pool on daily basis and check the feeding of the fish, water warmth and oxygen levels. The growing process of the Bluefin tuna gets followed by means of the reports prepared by the divers following the daily controls.

The Bluefin tuna in the pools get harvested on the ships moored close by the farm after they reach a certain size and gets frozen (-60°C) after being processed before being exported to overseas countries and particularly to Japan.


All our Plants are EU Approved and under inspection of “Turkish Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry”

Activities In Aquaculture

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